Swedish Days Bike Ride, June 22, 2003

This is a ride sponsored by The Fox Valley Bicycle & Ski Club, and takes place on the last day of the local ethnic festival. I rode the 62-mile ride and stopped to take a few pictures.

Unusual lawn ornament on Burlington Road

Another lawn ornament, on Ellithorpe Road

The ride took in a small section of the Great Western Trail, where I saw a nice selection of plants.

Prairie rose and spiderwort on GWT.

Wild grapes on GWT. We'll be picking these in late August.

Black raspberries on GWT. These should be ready to eat just after July 4.

More spiderwort, roses, and yellow flowers on GWT.

View from first rest area, in Maple Park. This was a fairly flat ride.

Modern dwelling with wind machine made from two old silos. Click for full-size photo.

Traffic flows on Interstate 88 through ample waves of green. We crossed this road six times today, and the crossings were nearly the highest hills we saw.

Typical route markings, this time at Watson and Harter roads.

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