RAGBRAI Day 0: Getting Ready


In Iowa.

Traffic jam

Roadside blossoms
Leaving The van is packed and ready to go.
In Iowa. Looks like some others have the same idea.
Traffic jam We think there's a wreck somewhere up there.
Roadside blossoms At least we have some pretty flowers to look at while we're waiting.

Dirty side up

Lunch stop


Dirty side up The cause of the backup.
Lunch stop Hank and Pam at the Cracker Barrel near Des Moines.
Glenwood At the campsite, a typical RAGBRAI team bus.
Glenwood Pam gets some last-minute instructions from Cynthia.




Bad Monkey
Bricky Team Bricky, one of the big party teams. The tanks atop the bus are not what you think, but contain water for showers.
Camping A view of part of one of the campgrounds.
Camping More team buses and tents.
Bad Monkey Team Bad Monkey's bus and equipment trailer.


A bad combo

Low budget

Thumbs Up
Buses More team buses.
A bad combo Team H.A.R.D. has pulled up next to the Bad Monkeys. We won't get much sleep tonight. See www.teamhard.net for a description.
Low budget A low-budget team bus. Excellent welding job, though.
Thumbs Up Another team resting up for the start.