Ragbrai XXXII Day Seven (July 31, 2004)

Saturday was only 54 miles, the shortest day so far, so we enjoyed a later start than usual.

Blue moon over Maquoketa, 3:40 AM.

Barbara with only injury of ride so far, and with a different set of wristbands than a year ago.

View from our camping area.

Our benefactor's yard and patio.

Folding the tents one last time.

Who left that rain fly on the ground?

On county road E23Y an hour or so North of Maquoketa was a stunning vista. There was a minor traffic jam as riders pulled off to admire the view and take pictures.

Riders slow down for the view

This alone was worth the climb

Amber waves of grain

Later we rolled across the Steel Bridge at over 40 MPH, and stopped in Spragueville for breakfast. Then it was on to Charlotte (accent on second syllable) for lunch.

Rolling into Spragueville

The town square was too crowded, so we stopped here.

Ice cream for breakfast? Why not?

Shade in Charlotte

Supply trucks and food tent

Dancing at the stop in Elvira

Beer tent in Elvira

Finally we arrived in Clinton, not really wanting the adventure to end.

Arrival in Clinton

Ceremonial tire dipping in the Father of Waters.

Let's do that again!

Loading the minivan again

Getting the bikes ready for transport

Almost ready

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