Ragbrai XXXII Day Six (July 30, 2004)

Friday dawned overcast but dry. That was soon to change, as our first 30 miles alternated between heavy drizzle and moderate rain.

Striking the set in Hiawatha

Comfort station

"World's Largest Outhouse"

Even Dorks ride RAGBRAI

Petting zoo, with piglets of course

We stopped in Anamosa for breakfast at the winery. Very good but very wet. After Anamosa the official route followed the beautiful Wapsipinicon River, over what was described as a "gravel road". The state policeman assured us there was indeed gravel under the inch or so of well-churned mud. Many of us (Ed, Barb and Bob included) elected to stay on State Road 64, thus bypassing Morley (pop 78) and Olin (with its thousand pounds of Iowa Oysters cooking for us).

Raingear by Oscar de la Hefty.

The medic alert label is getting wet

Lining up for a gourmet breakfast

Antique shop across from winery

Soggy main street

Riding out of town

About noon the rain started letting up, but we could still tell which bikes had taken the official route. They looked like the runners-up in an Olympic mud-wrestling contest. One could even, with careful scrutiny, tell which rider had been in the back seat of a tandem.

Two hours later, it's starting to dry out.

Going 'round the bend.

The road continues to wind.

The hills are starting up again

Resting in Oxford Junction.

Parking next to Team Skunk

Oompah band near food tent

The beer garden is popular here

Food tents and band

It was warming up and we were making good time until we spotted the FREE BEER sign outside of Lost Nation.

Eagle-eyed riders discern a welcome sight.

An invitation to flog the body

Dog Spot (formerly Blackie) and small-caliber spudgun

Overflow from the farmyard

Having a sip under the sign

Flowery bunch of riders

Free beer sometimes attracts Killer Bees.

Is this really a cornfield?

Yes, apparently so.

Agricultural inspection complete.

Our last overnight town was Maquoketa (accent on second syllable). We had a wonderful camp between the school bus parking area and a private home. The homeowner invited us to use his bathroom for showers (with hot water!) and would accept nothing more than a beer or two in return. The food situation was not quite so good, however. The high school ran out just as we got there, and we had to take a shuttle bus and wander around town before finding sustenance.

The mud is starting to dry

Luggage drop area at campground

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