Ragbrai XXXII Day Five (July 29, 2004)

Still aching from battling the headwinds, Barb and Ed are not enticed by the idea of riding 84 miles in the rain. We rode the sag wagon instead, getting to Hiawatha early and getting a good campsite. The extra manpower allowed us to put up the sun shelter for the first and only time.

Hiawatha was the best overnight town so far, giving us a warm welcome and putting on a great show. Riders were handed goody bags as they rode toward the message board.

This looks like a good place to pitch tents

Relaxing in the screen room

Team locating banner

A generic team bus

Cold, refreshing sprays greet the already wet riders

Birnham Wood on its way to Dunsinane?

A Hawaiian welcome

Weary riders oblivious to the volleyball game

Fortuituous choice of tee shirt for the day

Let's eat!

A foot preparation tent outside the church

Warp and woof enthusiasts?

Now that's a BIG bike horn!

After supper I went looking for orange juice for breakfast, and saw some balloons being prepared for launching.

Road at end of campground.

One in the air, and one almost ready

But wait, there's more!

Part of secondary campground, near balloons.

More of secondary campground.

And another one launches

Only two left now

Gas station next to campground

There goes the last one

Riders are still coming in

Balloon over gas station

Sunset over the campground

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