Ragbrai XXXII Day Four (July 28, 2004)

Riders with earplugs had a restful night in Iowa Falls. The rest of us were awakened by fireworks at 11 PM.

We had a great time having breakfast at the firehouse in Ackley. The firemen cooked pancakes and put on a great show. One of them could refill your plate at the far end of the 5-bay firehouse while standing behind the grill.

Who needs an alarm clock?

It's crowded in Ackley.

Everybody walks.

There's a short line at the firehouse.

The master chef and his batter dispenser

Flipping Flapjacks, Batman!

Healthy eating, RAGBRAI style.

A game of Kybo Roulette in progress

The famous Porkchopmobile.

The even more famous Mr. Pork Chop.

The meeting town was Union. We were tired from the headwind, but couldn't find a sag wagon, so we just rested and went on.

Main street of Union

The little park where we ate our pork chops.

Flying the flag high

Advertising on the back of the bus

Exhausted, we arrived in Marshalltown. There were sprinklers set up on the into town, so we didn't need to take showers. Another good campsite here. Pete must be pushing for Employee of the Week.

The headwinds and the gravel roads wore us down so much we needed to rest before showering and eating. We had a nice visit from the docent of the historical society.

Bob gets a frisbee from an admirer

We camped at the Veterans Home.

Time for some adjustments

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