Ragbrai XXXII Day Three (July 27, 2004)

With warmer temperatures and no trains to wake us, we slept late. Today we wanted to try a breakfast burrito, so we stood in line half an hour outside the town of Badger.

Getting a late start

Others started much earlier

Shortest burrito line we've seen

That's Badger in the background

Earlier diners make way for us

We're almost there!

Eagle Grove was a neat little town, from the bald eagle perched in a tree greeting us, to the Free Beer stop as we were leaving.

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a birdman!

Staring at the eagle

The eagle again

Downtown Eagle Grove

Main street, Eagle Grove

Here's a sign that's hard to pass up

Bob serves as bartender

We stopped at an intersection to get a drink and contemplate the beginning of the Century loop. We decided to take a pass on it.

Resting by a crop sprayer

One good wind and those bikes are history

The meeting town was Dows, a cute little town whose emphasis is antiques.

Main street in Dows

Where our Sherpa was waiting

Interesting old building

A more modern building, with party bus in background

Closeup of party bus

The overnight town was Iowa Falls. The 20 miles from Dows to Iowa falls were almost directly into the headwind.

Iowa Falls entrance banner.

The old guy made it!

Watering hole on the river

Our camp is just across this bridge

Is this a branch of the Wisconsin Dells?

Another river view

Presidential retreat or just another bar?

Jetboats on the river

Our campground was in a small park between a residential block and the falls of the Iowa River. It was also less than 100 yards from the main rail line through town. But there was a "country club" where we could take our showers.

Looks peaceful so far.

Resting before supper.

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