Ragbrai XXXII Day Two (July 26, 2004)

Again we woke shivering, but we shook the dew off our tents and prepared to hit the road again. We had musical accompaniment for our exit from Lake View: some cyclist had a recording of Wagner's 'Ride of the Valkyries' on his boombox.

Campground is on athletic field

This time it's not so crowded

Sherpa gets revised instructions for the day

A bite of breakfast before we leave

Lunch was in Knierim. Little more than a wide spot on the road and a few grain elevators, it was the best lunch spot so far. Cold showers, hot food, short lines, good music, grass, shade.

Preparing for lunch amid the cornfields.

Does this bike qualify for the HOV lane?

Lots of other cyclists paused here.

At Fort Dodge we were given an unexpected bonus: a 6-mile detour around the downtown area. Lots of hills and grumbling. That's why there are only night shots of the campground, which again was on the grounds of the high school. Our support vehicle was on the other side from the bulletin board, so we walked our bikes through the main hallway. The bell ringers of a local church were selling delicious home-made ice cream, and that felt great on parched throats. Dinner was in the school cafeteria, and after a short wait it was good.

Moon over Fort Dodge

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