Ragbrai XXXII Day One (July 25, 2004)

It was cold in the campground when we awoke. With last-minute instructions to the Sherpa to meet us in Schleswig, we hit the road shivering with anticipation. Our first stop was Mapleton, where we were held for an hour because of an accident down the road.

Mist rises from the Loess Hills

We're getting the flat part out of the way.

The 'Tour de Corn' van is a popular stop.

Riders seek spiritual counseling in Mapleton

Entertainment at the town park

'Nuns on the Run' gets into the act

A moment of silence

After our release from Mapleton we rode only a few miles before there was another stop. This time the accident proved fatal. Tires caught in the gap between concrete slabs in the middle of the road, The problem occurred at the bottom of the hill, where speeds are greatest. The resulting congestion and sympathy caused riders to walk the hill; even riders who had never walked a hill before on RAGBRAI. We also checked our brakes at the top of the next hill.

The road is cleared for the helicopter

Not many pictures were taken the rest of the ride, at least partly because we were trying to make up time. The town of Schleswig ran out of food because riders arrived there hungrier than anticipated. The next set of photos were taken in the overnight town of Lake View. Lake View also ran out of food, but as a special treat they piped in water for the showers from Glacier National Park.

The entrance arch greets us

Triumphal entry

Bicycle arch leading to the lake

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