Ragbrai XXXII Day Zero (July 24, 2004)

We met at Cynthia and Ed's place in Geneva at 7 AM to load the van and attach the bicycles. We hit the road shortly after 8 AM.

The van is loaded, almost.

Why are these people smiling?

Ready to close the doors.

First rest stop, and no lost baggage or people.

After visiting Southern Iowa (and almost Kansas), we arrived in Onawa. The locals deemed the road to the river too dangerous to travel, but tradition is tradition, and we found a way.

Dipping back tires in the Missouri

More hands on the tires

OK, let's go already.

Pretty riverbank flowers

The long walk back to the van

Anointing the other bikes

Even the one on the roof

After the dipping ceremony, we arrived at the campgrounds, and thanks to excellent directions found our support crew immediately. We set up the tents, ate, and retired for the night. I think one of the buildings had a sign saying "Last flush toilets for 490 miles."

One tent is up. Let's celebrate!

Eating amongst a sea of tents.

Not much room to spare.

Still some food left.

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