Father's Day, June 15, 2003

I was invited to ride along with Bob on a tour of the river and lakefront. The Bike The Drive ride was the same day, but I didn't feel like riding with 17,000 other bikers. We rode along the river and the North Shore Channel, following a bike path where present, to Wilmette Harbor, then back along the lakefront to Addison Street.

Big canoe on the Chicago River, North Branch.

Confluence of the original river (left) and the channel. The "natural" river is higher, to keep out contaminants.

Running track and soccer field adjacent to the canoe launch at the confluence.

Black-crowned heron perched on flood-control locks between channel and Wilmette Harbor. Click for full photo showing structure.

Wilmette harbor, with Bahai Temple in background.

Bob inspects bridge on Northwestern University campus.

Trail's end. Now it's time to replenish those lost fluids.

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