Old Bombers, July 30, 2005

Saturday started out with a barely remembered sound -- a 4-engine prop plane going over the house. I looked up from breakfast on the patio and saw an ancient B-24 "Liberator" bomber flying over at about a thousand feet. That reminded me to go to the post office for the "American Advances in Aviation" stamp set first released yesterday, July 29. On my way there I heard a very similar sound, and looked up to see a B-17 at about the same altitude.

So there was nothing to do but pack the camera in the bike and go off in search of these old warbirds. I found them at the DuPage County Airport, and these are the pictures I took.

Geese on Geneva dam


B-17 from passenger building of DuPage Airport




B-24, from apron

B-17, from apron

Gulfstream II being moved


Waiting to enter the B-24

B-24 wheel and bomb doors

B-24 front end

B-24 history plaque

B-24 specs plaque

B-24 nose

B-17 nose

B-17 engine and wheel

B-24 seen from under B-17 engine

B-17 cockpit from rear

B-17 tail gunner position

B-17 from side

B-17 bombardier window and chin turret

B-17 specs plaque

Australian engineer in front of B-17

Ed in front of B-17

One last look at the Flying Fortress

Turtles on rock in Fox River, Geneva