Ed's Biking Pictures

Bike rides in 2008

Here is this year's RAGBRAI.
Three other rides in October.

Bike rides in 2007

Two long rides this year, GITAP and RAGBRAI.
And a shorter, more solitary ride along the Katy Trail.

Bike rides in 2006

The only long ride was Bicycle Idaho. Here are some pictures you can view while waiting for the video.

Bike rides in 2005

Not quite so many trips this year, what the wedding and all. But here's a short one to see some vintage aircraft at a local airport.

Bike rides in 2004

This is a record of some rides this year. The first invitational was Sunday, April 25, but it was put on by the club I belong to, so I had to work the parking lot that day. But I did get out early to take a few personal items to my wife Cynthia, who was working as a Red Cross volunteer in Utica, which was hit by the Tuesday (April 19) tornado.

I had taken some photos there last year, during the Starved Rock club's annual Pumpkin Pie ride of October 5, 2003. I printed out those shots and took some new ones from as close as I could get to the same locations.

Utica before and after the tornado.

the (Des Moines) Register's Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, July 25-31, 2004.

Bike rides in 2003

Here are some photos I took on various bike rides last year. I carry the camera when the ride will be leisurely, and when I think of it. I photograph what interests me at the time, and wonder later why I took most of the shots. I was able to remember the motivation for those posted here.

Flowers of May 24, 2003.

Fox River in St. Charles and Geneva, May 24, 2003.

Birds seen May 25, 2003.

Butterflies, June 7, 2003.

Father's Day, June 15, 2003.

Swedish Days Ride, June 22, 2003.

Great Western Trail, July 5, 2003.

the (Des Moines) Register's Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, July 20-26, 2003.

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